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Explore Historical Newspapers Online | Partners with World Vital Records, Inc. to Increase Access to Half-Billion Records: "Saturday, November 7th, 2009 at 04:39 am | Uncategorized (, the largest newspaper database available online, has partnered with World Vital Records Inc.'s Web sites ( and in a unique way to provide increased access to a half billion records from newspapers ranging from 1759-1923.

'Historical newspapers contain valuable information about our ancestors, which may not have been preserved in any other form. By making these records easily accessible, we hope they can become a part of someone's family history,' said Jeff Kiley, General Manager,

The uniqueness of this partnership stems from the way in which World Vital Records, Inc. will extract vital record information from the newspapers and place it on its site.

'We wanted to have vital record information from early American newspapers. has allowed us to extract this information from their newspapers that cover the first 160-years of their collection,' said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition, World Vital Records, Inc.

With this partnership, will provide several million pages of vital record data (approximately a half-billion online records), which will be available for subscribers at . . . ."

Explore Historical Newspapers Online | " is the world's largest online newspaper archive. Featuring billions of articles from historical newspapers around the U.S. and the world, NewspaperARCHIVE makes exploring history and genealogy easy and fun. Discover fascinating news in archived newspapers hundreds of years old – including obituaries, birth announcements, sports articles, comics, and more – to fill in the life stories you are interested in. And share those stories with others through our community at OurNewspaperARCHIVE. All of our historical newspapers are full-page and fully searchable – try exploring above and discover your history today!"

another name for DOVE project

IPS - Digitisation project: "This is the project to scan and digitise birth, marriage and death registration records for England and Wales from 1837 to present day.

In 2005, Siemens IT Solutions was awarded a three-year contract to undertake this work. The Siemens contract expired in 2008, by which time approximately half of the records had been digitised. A joint decision was taken by IPS and Siemens to not renew the contract. At that point the Digitisation of Vital Events (DoVE) project was closed. As a result of this closure, the project, which was intended to provide online access to the digitised indexes (MAGPIE), was unable to proceed."

IPS - Homepage: "The Identity and Passport Service is responsible for issuing UK passports and identity cards and for the registration of births, marriages and deaths in England and Wales. It is an executive agency of the Home Office."

Friday, November 06, 2009

Amy: Finding My Past

from in my email:-

One of our team, Amy Sell, has started a blog to chart her research into her family’s past. She began her quest in July and has documented her progress with regular blog updates. To see where Amy’s got to, pick up some tips, or to simply read about her experiences, visit:

Amy: Finding My Past: "If there’s one thing I’ve picked up while working at findmypast, it’s definitely this tip! Honestly, ask absolutely anybody involved in genealogy and they’ll all tell you the same thing, “start with what you know”.

It’s very easy to try to run before you can walk when starting family history research (particularly if you have any juicy family rumours doing the rounds!) but the advice I’ve been given has been very clear; don’t try to work forwards from a rumoured famous ancestor, always work backwards from yourself. . . ."

Online Dating UK • Friends Reunited Dating

Online Dating UK • Friends Reunited Dating: "brightsolid today announced it is to acquire Friends Reunited Group from ITV plc for £25 million. The completion of the deal is subject to clearance by the competition authorities.

brightsolid is a fast growing online innovation business owned by DC Thomson, one of the largest privately owned media and publishing groups in the country. A key part of brightsolid's strategy is building businesses that link 'people and places' on the internet.

Friends Reunited is the original social network with 20.6 million members. It was launched in 2000 to put old school friends back in touch with each other and swiftly became a British media phenomenon. Sister site Genes Reunited was launched in 2003 and is currently the UK's largest family history website with over 9 million members worldwide and 650 million names listed. Together with Friends Reunited Dating, the group attracts three million unique users per month.

The acquisition of Friends Reunited Group would create Britain's leading genealogy business by bringing together Genes Reunited and (which operate the official 1901 and 1911 Census websites respectively in association with The National Archives) and ScotlandsPeople in partnership with General Register Office for Scotland, the National Archives of Scotland and the Court of the Lord Lyon."

Forsvarets Bibliotek en realitet

Forsvarets Bibliotek en realitet: "Forsvarets Bibliotek en realitet
Forsvarets Bibliotek er en realitet. De tre værnsbiblioteker i forsvaret er i gang med at blive lagt sammen til et stort moderne forskningsbibliotek med øget service til brugerne.
02-11-2009 kl. 15:10

Med Forsvarets Bibliotek vil Forsvaret forbedre serviceniveauet og øge formidlingen af viden om forsvarsrelaterede emner, bl.a. gennem brugervenlige systemer på nettet.

Øget service og vidensindsamling
Onlinekataloger og elektroniske portaler er hverdag på dagens biblioteker, og forsvaret skal følge udviklingen for at yde den bedste service til brugerne af biblioteket. Et øget samarbejde med forsvarets officersskoler og Forsvarsakademiet er også en del af det nye bibliotek. Formålet er at øge videns- og dokumentationsindsamling inden for de områder, som forskningen og officersuddannelserne fokuserer på.

Kastellet som base
Forsvarets Bibliotek vil være placeret i og offentligt tilgængeligt i Kastellet. Herudover vil der blive oprettet betjeningssteder ved officersskolerne og på Forsvarsakademiet.
Samlingerne vil indeholde litteratur fra alle tre værn og fysisk bestå af ca. 38.000 bøger og tidsskrifter. De resterende bøger bliver opbevaret i magasiner, hvor fra de vil være til rådighed 1-2 dage efter forespørgslen. Søgning foretages gennem online kataloger.

Hele sammenlægningsprocessen forventes at være gennemført i juni 2010. Men allerede fra november flytter Flyvevåbnets Bibliotek sin åbne samling ind i Kastellet, mens Marinens Bibliotek følger efter med sin åbne samling i februar 2010.

Forsvarets Bibliotek
De tre biblioteker, der nu bliver ét er:

* Det Kongelige Garnisonsbibliotek (KGB) i Kastellet, København
* Flyvevåbnets Bibliotek (FLB) i Jonstruplejren, Ballerup
* Marinens Bibliotek (MAB) på Nyholm, København

Dertil kommer Forsvarsakademiets Bibliotek (FAKBIB), som dog forbliver på stedet som betjeningssted for Forsvarsakademiets studerende og ansatte.

Forsvarets Bibliotek vil være organiseret under Forsvarsakademiet."

free birth records information

free birth records information: "This page is a partial listing of free online resources for finding birth records. Some of the webpages are government or library sites, while others are sponsored by religious or genealogy groups. Some sites, such as the Mormon (LDS) Family History resources and a few government sites, allow their visitors to view and download certificates for free. But, in most cases, you will need to order copies of birth certificates from the appropriate county, state, or national government office.

Many genealogy societies as well as governments and other organizations and groups are in the process of digitizing vital records, and their online databases are incomplete. That is because, rather than wait until all records have been indexed, they put the records indexed thus far online. So if you do not find what you want to find at a particular site, do check back periodically to see if the records you are interested in have been added to the database.

Many of these sites also allow you to search for marriages and deaths as well, but this page will only discuss birth indices, birth certificates, and baptismal records."

chapels built in south Wales

Pillars Of Faith: "What this site is about

The Rhondda is synonymous with coal. Coal brought the people to 'The Valleys'. The people brought their religion with them.

And almost as fast as houses were built to serve the ever increasing population, chapels were built to serve their faith. There is a most famous quotation that by 1905 there were 151 Nonconformist chapels with a seating capacity of 85,105 in the Rhondda Urban District.

But for the people of The Rhondda, the chapel was much more than a place of worship. Much of the social life of the people revolved around the chapel.

Yet it is not so easy to explain the reasons for the decline in chapel attendance. The decline in the mining industry played, I believe, only a small part in this. But what is for certain, one by one the congregations diminished and the chapels closed. Many fell into disrepair and many of these were demolished.The lucky ones were acquired by developers who retained the structure and put it to good use.

And this year, I heard that several chapels with a close connection to my own family were forced to close and these could also vanish in the near future.

Although I have lived all my life in The Rhondda, I can still walk down a street and pass a building without realising that a chapel once stood at that location. But I feel that their visual memory should be retained which is why I decided to make this site."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

1911 Census Help for England and Wales

I have been using it since I got the full subscription on 9 October

it takes time to learn the tricks for a big database

do remember less is more

so one word under "residential place" is the way to start
a . . . . continues in this archive RootsWeb: GLAMORGAN-L Re: [GLA] 1911 Census Help

Two of the most common transcription mistakes at the start of a word C for E and M for W

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Heritage Collector file management

Heritage Collector Suite:

"* Organize Photos and Documents
* Find Any Photo in Seconds
* Photo Identification
* Save Hard Drive Space
* Archive and Search CDs and DVDS
* Safeguard Files With Backup System
* Create Sharable PDFs

Free Newsletters: "Windows® 7 - The Mystery Unveiled
My report card and summary of experiences with the beta version of Windows 7.

This review is not technical, detailed or scientific. My goal was to see if I could install and use Windows 7 with my existing software and hardware. I had some pleasant surprises you will find interesting. Which is best for you? Windows 7, Vista or XP.

Added 10/12/2009"

Take the Quick Tour

* Use Oral Narration in Slide Shows
* Convert Old Audio Tapes
* Create Shareable Slide Shows
* Create 'Talking' Photos
* Print in Many Different Formats
* Digital Family History Guidebook (PDF) FREE!"

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Churches in Birmingham UK

Churches and Places of Worship in Birmingham UK: "Prior to the year 1715 Birmingham comprised only one parish; but at that period a portion of the original parish of St Martin was formed into the parish of St Philip.
The population explosion in the town soon meant they couldn't cope with all of the births, marriages and deaths, hence new churches were built at a remarkable rate throughout the 19th century. In 1829 two other districts were formed into the parishes of St George and St Thomas. Some of the new churches were large, others merely subsidiary chapels of the bigger churches. Also England's first Roman Catholic cathedral was built here.

Encumbents would do the rounds of these, performing ceremonies throughout their parish. In 1836 the Birmingham Church Building Society was founded with the aim of erecting 10 new churches in the poorer areas, though due to lack of funds only 5 were actually built. By 1865 another 10 anglican churches had been built, but the following 4 years saw the erection of a further 10 churches, due to the financial aid of the Birmingham Church Extension Society.

Birmingham was a hive of non-conformism in the 18th century. Its most illustrious leader was Joseph Priestley who was at the centre of riots in 1791 which led to some churches being destroyed by fire. Altogether there have been more non-conformist than state churches in the town. The complexity of their history makes the correlation of place of worship to denomination in the list below strictly speaking impossible."

Monday, November 02, 2009

Copenhagen Streets

a really useful index of the streets of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg showing which parish, quarter, and police district to search for relevant records.

Københavnske gader: "København*- & Frederiksberg Kommune til 1925

For ikke at få for mange hits bør der indtastes mindst 3 sammenhængende bogstaver af gade/vejnavnet. Hvis du vil erstatte flere bogstaver, kan man anvende % som wild card. Et enkelt bogstav kan erstattes med _ [underscore].

*Brønshøj Sogn blev i 1901 udskilt af Brønshøj-Rødovre Kommune og indlemmet i Københavns kommune. Samme år blev endvidere Vigerslev, Valby og Kgs. Enghave udskilt af Hvidovre Kommune og indlemmet i kommunen. I 1902 blev hele Sundbyernes Kommune indlemmet i København."

Before the creation of the folkeregister in 1923 Copenhagen Police kept a card index of resident's addresses with childen, occupation, date and place of birth.

This was divided in 1923 with deceased citizens' records being sent to the archives (dødsblade - Google Search)
and those of the living used as the basis of the new Folkeregister

Søg dødsfald 1893 - 1923: "Dødeblade 1893 - 1923
Registerblade udskilt af Københavns* Politis mandtal

Der kan søges på alle kombinationer af fornavne, efternavn og fødselsår. For ikke at få for mange hits bør der indtastes så meget som muligt. Vær dog opmærksom på at stavningen af personnavne kan variere meget. Hvis du vil erstatte flere bogstaver, kan % anvendes som wild card. Et enkelt bogstav kan erstattes med _ [underscore].

*Brønshøj Sogn blev i 1901 udskilt af Brønshøj-Rødovre Kommune og indlemmet i Københavns kommune. Samme år blev endvidere Vigerslev, Valby og Kgs. Enghave udskilt af Hvidovre Kommune og indlemmet i kommunen. I 1902 blev hele Sundbyernes Kommune indlemmet i København. Ved disse indlemmelser fik Københavns Kommune næsten tredoblet sit areal og fik forøget sit indbyggertal fra ca. 360.000 til næsten 400.000. Dødsfald i disse områder er først registreret fra henholdsvis 1901 og 1902."

Sunday, November 01, 2009

GenealogyMedia Blog The Blog: "Google Wave is a tremendously powerful platform that will change the way genealogy and family history are done. Users of Wave create 'waves,' which are something between conversations, e-mail messages, collaborative authoring sessions, video and picture sharing, blog authoring, and so many more things.

The key technology involved in Wave, though, that makes it better than every other available product for collaborative authoring is that it allows for near real-time communication. If I send you an e-mail, I have to wait for you to read it. If I write a blog entry, and I'm collaborating with another author, I have to save my draft, then tell them to take a look. Even if I'm 'instant messaging,' I still spend a good portion of the time waiting for a response and staring at a message that say something like, 'So-and-so is typing.' But with Google Wave, I can see my correspondant type at the same time that I'm typing. The conversation is not serial, but parallel -- we are both talking at the same time. It's more like an actual conversation. When we work together on a document, we can each make edits wherever in the document we need to, and this can happen simultaneously as fast as we can type."