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Genealogical Society of Ireland

Genealogical Society of Ireland: "The webpages of the Genealogical Society of Ireland were established to promote an interest in genealogy in Ireland by organising Open Meetings, lectures, workshops and publishing genealogical material.

The Society holds two Open Meetings each month on the 2nd Tuesday in the D�n Laoghaire College of Further Education, Cumberland Street, D�n Laoghaire, Co. Dublin at 20.00 hrs (Bus 7, 7A, 75, 46A,
and DART Monkstown/Salthill Station)

and on the 4th Wednesday (with the exception of the month of December) at the Port View Hotel, Marine Road, D�n Laoghaire, Co. Dublin at 10.30 hrs. (Bus 7, 7A, 75, 45A, 46A, 59, 111 and DART Dun Laoghaire Station)."


The Times,
Wednesday, Feb 21, 1906;
pg. 3; Issue 37949; col F

The Police Courts

At West London, GEORGE WRIGHT, aged 79, a herbalist, of All Saints'-road, North Kensington, was charged on remand with bigamy.
Mr. Ellis defended.
The allegation against the accused was that on January 24, 1906, he went through an illegal form of marriage with a Miss Panting at St. Stephen's Church, Grove-road, Clapham, when his lawful wife - a woman named Norman, whom he married in 1892 at Hampstead Registry Office - was alive.

As a matter of fact investigation showed that his marriage with Norman was invalid, inasmuch as his first wife, whom he married as far back as 1854, and from whom he seperated in 1872, was alive in 1897.

This wife actually died in 1900, so the accused's marriage with Miss Panting was quite legal. The present prosucution was brought at the instance of Norman. Mr. Ellis said that, as she knew her marriage with Wright was invalid, she had grossly misled the police into arresting the old man.

The accused was discharged.

Data Junkie

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Olympic Torch Hoax

Symantec Security Response - Olympic Torch Hoax: "The Olympic Torch Hoax is being spread through email. It has been reported that the following text of the hoax may differ slightly in the various messages going around. The email warns of a virus that burns the whole hard disk drive a computer. This virus does not exist. "

genealogy in the Netherlands again

before you enjoy and laugh at the zany english,
ask yourself could you write so much about your tree in dutch - or any of your second languages ?

Family tree Z(S)eeman - Genalogy Z(S)eeman: "This is the family tree off Zeeman from, Frisian, Groningen until America.
We are a dutch family and it's start in the North off the Netherlands.
I find my family from America and it's very importent for me to know that there where some forfathers who immigrated to the USA.
I hope you enjoy the family tree and when there are questions please let me know and send me a mail."

Family tree " This family tree is easey to read, I write first the parents and theire children.
After that you can find the children below and who they married with. The numbers behind the name gives a link to the parents of them and where you can find it in the book. Also at the last pages there is a INDEX and the names has a number so you can find it easy into the book."

stamboom - Google Search
family tree in dutch


Overzicht van het stamboomonderzoek van de familie . . . .
summary of the family tree index of the family . . .
stamboomonderzoek - Google Search

genalogie site:nl - Google Search
oops a typo better :-
genealogie site:nl - Google Search
genealogy site Netherlands - just add a surname or a place to your search

Genealogische - Google Search
the adjective genealogical
is used in german and dutch
Indische Genealogische Vereniging [Dutch Indies Genealogical ...

Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging

vereningen is close to danish foreningen - which is how a guess my way in dutch
KVAK, Foreningen Kvindelige Akademikere
The Danish Association of University Women (Foreningen Kvindelige Akademikere,) is a branch of The International Federation of University Women (IFUW),

which is what ducks say in english QUACK quaaack

US version of A2A

ArchiveGrid -- Open the door to history: "Thousands of libraries, museums, and archives have contributed nearly a million collection descriptions to ArchiveGrid. Researchers searching ArchiveGrid can learn about the many items in each of these collections, contact archives to arrange a visit to examine materials, and order copies.
ArchiveGrid is available to both individuals and institutions free of charge through May 31st. If additional grants funds or sponsorship are obtained, ArchiveGrid will remain free of charge; otherwise subscriptions will be available for institutions and individuals alike. "

THIS SHOULD BE SPONSORED BY NARA - US National Archives and Records Administration

A2A - Access to Archives Home
A2A database contains catalogues of archives held across England and dating from the 900s to the present day.

The Road To Guantanamo

The Road To Guantanamo: "The Road to Guantanamo will be shown on Channel 4 on Thursday 9 March at 9pm."
Watch the film again after it has been shown on C4.
The Road to Guantanamo is a feature-length factual drama based on first hand interviews with the Tipton Three, the three male British prisoners released in the spring of last year from Guantanamo Bay. You'll be able to watch Michael Winterbottom's The Road to Guantanamo again online after it has been shown on Channel 4 on Thursday 9 March at 9pm.

To download to own, or download to rent The Road to Guantanamo go to

great film Hugh W

genealogy in the Netherlands

from my email
translation help needed please

click here for 2.5mb image

. . . referencing my g~grandparents . . . On the right side is annotated father 36 years, mother 41 years, and witness below that.

I have so far deducted my gg grandfathers name was Jan Reinberg, his father Pieter. I have to clue as to g.g.g.grandmothers name? antje? Wy??????????

Any thing further you can pull out of this will be more than I presently have. I am attempting to trace behind Jan. I don't think I am going to be successful with out both parents names. It appears Pieter Reinberg was a very common name of that location and era.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Terry DuPuis

Genealogie Groningen

Civil Registration (1811 to present)
Civil registration began c. 1811 by order of Napoleon Bonaparte during the French occupation of Holland (1795-1813).
At present every township's secretary makes all civil registrations in duplicate.
. . . coninued Genealogical Research in the Netherlands - Dutch Genealogy:

Groningen is the northeast province of the Netherlands with a typical dialect (Gronings) with regional nuances (though nowadays there are many who don't speak the dialect - especially in the city of Groningen where many outsiders have moved). It was actually part of the Frysian Empire. Groningen (province) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gronings can equally be defined as Dutch and Low German or Low Saxon dialects spoken in the Netherlands province of Groningen and in some adjoining areas:

Cyndi's List - Netherlands / Nederland
Civil Registration online searchable databases are under construction.

Genealogy in Groningen Genealogical research in the Dutch province of Groningen, especially the eastern part of the province.

Voorouders - GenLias:
"GenLias is een landelijke database met gegevens voor stamboomonderzoek. Het is een gezamenlijk initiatief van het Nationaal Archief en de regionale historische centra in de provinciehoofdsteden. Het is dus zeker geen database van bestanden die alleen bij het Nationaal Archief te vinden zijn."

Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie

Groningen (city) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Warwick Ring

The Warwick Ring - Warwickshire Web: "This beautiful gold and enamel ring was found near Warwick England, UK and acquired by Warwickshire Museum in 2003. It was probably made in the 10th century AD in Germany"

Faeroe Islands

RootsWeb Message Boards
Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Faroe Islands > General

Faroese language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

faeroese - Google Search
The purpose of the association is to create a forum to facilitate digital genealogical research in the Faroe Islands. It is hoped that this website, along with lectures, conferences and other events designed to provide information about genealogical research, will help to achieve this goal.
The association, moreover, is attempting to render all the census records available in the Faroe Islands into a digital format.
As a member of KT Slekt, you will be able to access the reserved areas of the website.
The information available in these areas includes the census records digitized to date, a list of who is researching what, a list of sources for genealogy research, a list of the cemeteries and churchyards in the Faroes and a large variety of other valuable resources.

ættatal - Google Search

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Scandinavian connections

Sparks and Ravsten Family Web Site and Family Tree

Sparks and Ravsten Family: "Martha Christensen Hair, daughter of Jen Christensen and Trena Benson, was born at Tammerupe, Farnely Co., Denmark, January 13, 1861.
Baptized July 11, 1868 at Denmark by missionary Elder P. Nelson. She was baptized again after she came to the United States. "

Sparks and Ravsten Family Web Site and Family Tree: "Bendt Nielsen
Bengt Mathias Ravsten
Bennie & Clara Ravsten (1989 - Lucetta)
Bennie Joseph Ravsten (By Melva)
Bennie Joseph Ravsten (By Milton)
Bennie Ravsten (1936 - Lucetta)
Bennie Ravsten (1976 - Lester)
Betty Johansson
Britta Johansson
Jens Christiansen Lamp
Lee Ravsten
Martha Christensen (1939)
Martha Christensen (1962 - Sylvia)
Trein Bendtsen (1939)
Trein Bendtsen (1958 - Sylvia)"

Sparks and Ravsten Family: "Betty (Brita) Johansson was born May 4, 1837 at Pjatteryd, Kronoberg, Sweden a daughter of Johan
Jonsson and Anna Ericsson. Her father, Johan Jonssson, was born March 8, 1799 at Pjatteryd and her
mother, anna Ericsson, was born 1797 at Pjatteryd. Her grandparents were: Jons svensson born 12 Feb.
1753 at Stenbohult, Kronoberg, Sweden. "

SNAPS blog has moved

snaps blog

here is a picture of Stine - the babe in arms in the Christmas 2005 photos
can't post in my Snaps blog
because google spam bots have locked my Snaps blog

well as soon as I can upload it

sending request to

waiting for
timed out in MS IE 6 tring Mozilla suite

possibly out of space :-(
You can fill up to 300 MB of server space with images. new to me

now it works early morning in UK and USA has gone to bed

Hugh W

Internet Speed Test - java app

Acid Free Archive Storage

The Family History Box - Acid Free Archive Storage

which meets international standards: ISO 9706: 1994 (Paper for Documents – Requirements for Permanence); ISO 14523: 1999 (Photographic Activity Test for enclosure materials); Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry T509 and T529 (surface pH measurement of paper).

One pack contains 5 Acid Free * Storage Boxes and much more.
Outer box, 450x325x90mm Fits A3-size papers. You could store newspapers, a scrapbook or a photo album.
Flip-top box, 315x220x85mm A4 size box perfect for family letters, certificates, invitations, special cards and collectables.
Medium box, 290x205x85mm For mementoes, keepsakes, cards, tickets from that special trip, home-shot DVDs and so on.
Tall box, 165x125x127mm The right size for standard photographs, a pair of baby shoes, tapes and other easily-mislaid items.
Little boxes, (2) 60x50x23mm To prevent small items getting lost and forgotten.
Archive tissue paper

Acid Free Archive Storage Boxes: "Price For Set Including Delivery to Mainland UK £26.99 (Including: VAT at 17.5%)"

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Krautwurst Family

Family: Introduction:

"After a modest beginning in 1978, looking for Krautwurst family information in the Rochester (New York) area, data on the family in general has continued to increase. This is due to the substantial assistance of family members all over the USA, in Germany, South Africa, and elsewhere. Data has been compiled on the family going back to an earliest starting date in the year 1515. That is the assumed year of birth for the current patriarch, Martin Krautwurst of Gross-Breitenbach in Thuringia. "

The compiler is Larry Naukam

Scottish 1851 Census now on line

Scottish 1851 Census - ScotlandsPeople:

"On the night of 30 March 1851 the gathering of census information in Scotland took place under the jurisdiction of the Home Office, and was organised by the sheriffs and chief magistrates. All subsequent censuses have been conducted by the office of the Registrar General for Scotland, established under the 1854 Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages (Scotland) Act.

Census enumerators were appointed and assigned a specific area to cover, distributing a schedule to every household in that area before census night. They then collected the completed schedules the following day, checked the details and copied them into an enumerator's book.

The census information that we see derives from the enumerators' transcript books, not the original schedules, which were destroyed. " Intel Macs may boot XP after all Intel Macs may boot XP after all: "A Mac that can legally run Windows/Linux/OS X on the one box is the ultimate PC in compatibility terms, which should further drive hardware sales.

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New Mac users can only hope that the hints on Intel's web site about the compatibility layer for EFI pan out in favour of users who want to run Windows and OS X on their shiny new box." Intel Macs may boot XP after all Intel Macs may boot XP after all: "A Mac that can legally run Windows/Linux/OS X on the one box is the ultimate PC in compatibility terms, which should further drive hardware sales.

Considering Apple includes the operating system with every Mac purchase, its OS revenue isn't endangered by allowing people to install Windows on a Mac post-sale. And it seems very unlikely that US Department of Justice will force Apple to sell Macs without an operating system anytime soon.
Of course, Apple can�t condone or encourage running Windows on Macs, because that would cause Mac developers to question whether they should continue investing in the OS X platform if Apple is not fully committed.
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Boot Windows XP on an Intel Duo Core Mac

Boot Windows XP on an Intel Duo Core Mac and Make Money: " I told my boss that this would replace my IBM desktop and I could boot Windows XP on it. I am still confident it can be done. I am giving $100 of my own money and offering anyone else who would like the instructions on how to Dual boot these two operating systems the ability to give some of their money into the pot as a prize for the person / group that can make dual-booting Mac OS X and Windows XP happen on an Intel Mac. Good Luck,"

macintosh intel winxp dual boot - Google Search

Apple INTEL Mac/Intel

BOINC on Mac/Intel: "i686-apple-darwin"

Manual Page For i686-apple-darwin-gcc-3.5.0(1)

Apple Developer Connection

ADC Hardware Purchase Program: "Access to the latest Apple hardware is critical to your product's success. Whether you're developing highly optimized math routines for the latest Power Mac or testing your application across the range of Apple products, you need Apple hardware. The ADC Hardware Purchase Program gives ADC Premier and Select members significant savings on Apple hardware. Become a Premier or Select member today and complete your development and testing hardware suite."

Apple Store - U.K.

20-inch widescreen LCD with 1680x1050 resolution

The world’s best designed and easiest-to-use desktop just got faster. Now with the Intel Core Duo processor with two execution cores on a single chip — iMac brings a new generation of power to the amazing things it can do.

The Apple Store (US) - Virtual PC for Mac Version 7 - Windows XP ...

not yet for th new intel macs ?

Genealogy Community folks from AOL

Genealogy Community

with AOL's heavy hand in the reorganisation of their communitites various splinter groups have developed over the years


You must already have registered for an account before you can log in.If you do not have an account, you may register by clicking the 'register' link near the top of the screen

Genealogy Community is owned and maintained by William Martin, C2005-2006, ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDAn online community for Genealogy research for AOL members and Internet users.

The chatrooms require the latest version of Macromedia Flash plug-in.

william who?

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THE top military researcher for UK

Forrest Anderson, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Forrestdale Research - Military Genealogical Researcher


Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 1996
Subject: A New Web Site is Spun!

Cyndi Howells to CyndisList-L
Ten years ago, on March 4, 1996, I posted online my first attempt at a personal web site. Our personal site had our surnames, articles,and several other things that we planned to expand upon over time.
One small portion of the site was a list of links to genealogy web sites. It was one web page with more than 1,000 links. I had no idea that I had just created a monster that would take on a life of its
own. Since that time I have been the coyote, and Cyndi's List has been the roadrunner--taking me on a frantic chase to try and keep up with it, while also periodically dropping a virtual anvil on my head.

The original announcement was posted on Roots-L Tue, 5 Mar 1996 with the subject line: "A New Web Site is Spun!" In that message I bragged: "The many resources include:...a categorized list with over 1,000 links to genealogy Internet sites."

I had no way of knowing how big this little list was going to become, or what impact it would have on my life.

Since that day ten years ago life has not been dull. My son, Evan, was born (8 years old now). I've been through 5 computers and written three books. The site gained a corporate sponsor and then lost it three years later when Sierra sold the genealogy division. I have had the wonderful experience of traveling and speaking to hundreds of genealogy groups about this engrossing hobby of ours. Travel and trips have now been curtailed by family illnesses, but a break there means more time on the web site again. The ups and downs of running a site of this magnitude have worn me out often. But about the time I want to throw up my hands and run away
I get a big lift from one of the thousands of visitors to my site:
I receive a nice message telling me how helpful the site has been in their research. That is all it takes so that I'm off and running full steam ahead again.

Cyndi's List began as a six-page written article for my local genealogical society. When I put it online on March 4, 1996 my intension was to continue growing the list of links so that they might be helpful to other interested genealogists online. That intension hasn't ever changed. However, the amount of time and effort certainly has!

What is Cyndi's List?
The same research tool now that it was ten years ago (only bigger):
--A categorized & cross-referenced index to genealogical
resources on the Internet.
--A list of links that point you to genealogical research
sites online.
--A free jumping-off point for you to use in your online research.
--A "card catalog" to the genealogical collection in the immense
library that is the Internet.
--Your FREE genealogical research portal onto the Internet.

For anyone interested in learning more about using Cyndi's List, see the syllabus material created for my lecture, "A Guided Tour of Cyndi's List"

On March 4, 1996 Cyndi's List started out with 1 page, 1,025 links, a handful of categories, and just one caretaker.

Today, 10 years after its creation Cyndi's List has:
--251,235 total links
--242,672 categorized links
--8,563 "What's New" links submitted by visitors
--684 individual web pages
--Visits through the front page: more than 43 million
--An average of 2 million page hits each month
--1 part-time employee, Michele
--1 periodic dabbler and caffeine-delivery person, Mark
--1 full-time caretaker, Cyndi

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blogging delayed today in MS IE 6

so I find Mozilla Suite works better for now

Hugh W


When a old card index gets digitised it is good news for all of us

The Vermont State Archives Online Databases: NYE INDEX VERSION 1.0 (BETA)

The NYE INDEX was created by Mary Greene Nye, the Editor of State Papers, 1927-1950, as a name and subject index to Manuscript Vermont State Papers (Record Series SE-118) and the Stevens Papers.

The Vermont State Archives automated more than 53,000 cards from the NYE INDEX, covering all 18th century records indexed by Mary Greene Nye. The NYE INDEX database is searchable by name, record description, and date. The index for 19th century records will be added as time and resources allow.


Welcome to BrazilGenWeb!

We have just started to translate our pages into English. Sorry for just a couple of pages are done so far, thus sometimes you may be redirected to a Portuguese language one. On the other hand, probably you will be able to guess what we are talking about, as mostly we have names dates and places, and, as experienced genealogist you are, we hope you will try manage the information you find here, while the translation process is not ended. . .

Sammenslutningen af Slægtshistoriske Foreninger
the Danish Federation of Family History Societies have updated ther web pages

they link to

Slægtsforskning i København og Frederiksberg
- Ny stor side om arkiver og forskning i dette område

Slægtshistorisk Forening for Storkøbenhavns linksside
- udvalgt og kommenteret af bibliotekar Erling Dujardin

- Mange gode links og emnerigt vedrørende brugen af EDB i slægtsforskning

Dansk Historisk Fællesråds nye webside:
- DHFs historiske portal med mange historiske indfaldsvinkler

Ny søgeside til med gratis password

FFHS is an international organisation based in the UK which represents, advises and supports over 220 family history societies and genealogical organistaions.

met via googlepages

A Minnesota Potter In Mashiko
Mashiko Pottery and Woodblock Prints

Three Shaker Guidelines:

"Do all your work as if you had a thousand years to live and as if you were to die tomorrow."

"Be what we seem to be; and seem to be what we really are; don't carry two faces."

"That which in itself has the highest use possesses the greatest beauty."

googlepages - Google Search - Google Search