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FTM charting

working with Family Tree Maker 16 on a Macintosh Cinema HD VDU at 1920 x 1200 pixels

on the laptop MacBook Pro LCD at 1280 x 1050 pixels (slightly smaller pixels too)
and census search results page and the image at 150%

my own pedigree viewed with seven generations - double clicking on any box calls that grey Edit Individual dialogue box

more details and images on my other blog my own MacBook Pro
Tree charting on screen

WorldConnect Project RootsWeb

WorldConnect Project -- Connecting the World One GEDCOM at Time
I have just spotted a new button Display pedigree in text format

Index | Individual | Descendancy | Register | Ahnentafel | Download GEDCOM

Display pedigree in table format

                                                     /John Watkin d: 24 FEB 1678
/John Watkins b: ABT 1680
| \Jane -
/Thomas Watkins b: ABT 1713 d: 21 SEP 1778
| \Ann Harry
/Thomas Watkins b: ABT 1763 d: 20 AUG 1837
| \Candida Evans or Phillips
/Thomas Watkins b: 4 MAY 1821 d: 28 MAR 1879
| \Rebecca Watkins b: ABT 1796 d: 6 MAY 1859
/Alfred Henry Watkins b: 13 AUG 1862 d: 2 JAN 1935
| | /Joannes Bill b: ABT 1773
| | /William Bill
| | /Richard Bill b: ABT 1780 d: 4 MAR 1865
| \Margaret Bill b: BET 28 APR 1818 AND 1822 d: 11 MAR 1895
| | / -
| \Margaret James b: ABT 1786 d: 23 JAN 1849
| \ -
/Alfred Henry (David) Watkins b: 17 AUG 1907 d: 24 SEP 1942
| | /John Jones b: BET 1784 AND 1795
| | /John Jones b: 1816 d: BET 1881 AND 1891
| | | \Elizabeth Walter b: BET 1784 AND 1795
| | /Edward Jones b: 3 JAN 1842 d: 18 JUL 1900
| | | | /Thomas Holmes b: BET 1712 AND 1723
| | | | /Thomas Holmes b: 1743 d: 25 SEP 1822
| | | | | \Anne Morgan b: BET 1712 AND 1723
| | | | /Thomas Holmes b: 1783
| | | | | | /John Walters
| | | | | \Anne Walters b: 1745 d: 1824
| | | | | \Mary Jones b: ABT 1713 d: 26 NOV 1782
| | | \Mary Holmes b: 1816
| | | | /Thomas Prichard b: ABT 1720
| | | | /William Prichard b: ABT 1756 d: 7 SEP 1849
| | | | | \Anne Morgan b: ABT 1720
| | | \Mary Prichard b: 1784 d: 23 JAN 1859
| | | \Anne Williams b: ABT 1759 d: 17 SEP 1840
| \Blanche Eveline Jones b: 5 JUN 1874 d: 5 JUL 1953
| | /William Jones b: ABT 1788
| | /John Jones b: ABT 1818 d: 5 MAY 1882
| \Mary Jones b: 1848 d: 12 MAY 1887
| | /Thomas Holmes b: ABT 1791
| \Ann Holmes b: ABT 1817 d: 4 FEB 1886
| \Martha - b: ABT 1791
Living Watkins ME OF COURSE
| /Thomas Lapham b: ABT 1800 d: JUN 1846
| /Alfred Lapham b: 23 FEB 1843 d: AFT 1901
| | \Elizabeth Seymour b: ABT 1810
| /Alfred Thomas Lapham b: 15 OCT 1872 d: 30 JUL 1961
| | | /Thomas Buckingham Ball b: BET 1806 AND 1811 d: BEF 1851
| | \Fanny Bartley Ball b: BET 1836 AND 1837 d: 30 OCT 1920
| | \Elizabeth Keene b: ABT 1796
\Alison Mary Lapham b: 16 MAY 1908 d: 22 DEC 1999
| /Philip Evan b: BEF 14 JUN 1740
| /Philip Evans b: 16 MAR 1798 d: AFT 1871
| /Philip Evans b: ABT 1839 d: AFT 1901
| | | /- Dolling
| | | /William Dolling b: BEF AUG 1772 d: 3 AUG 1817
| | \Mary Dolling b: BET 1798 AND 1803 d: BEF 1871
| | \Alice - b: BEF FEB 1776 d: 18 FEB 1828
\Florence Caroline Evans b: 13 JUN 1877 d: 1 FEB 1956
| /James Walker
\Elizabeth Walker b: ABT 1842
\Eliza Stallard - Search Immigration Records FREEBIE - Search Immigration Records
free to use until 30 November 2006 and with much more a vast improvement on the original Ellis Island site

for example: Exact Search Results - New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957

below is a family known to me from Ellis Island
illustrating the original migration in 1921 when Anna was listed under her maiden name
the childen born in USA were US citizens from birth

I am in touch with a descendant of Mrs. Gladys Bobo

View Record Name Arrival Date Estimated Birth Year Gender Port of Departure Place of Origin Ship Name View Ship Image View Passenger List

View Record Anna strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1901 Female Copenhagen Scandinavian Frederik Viii
View Record Gladys strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1924 Female Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record Otto strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1900 Male Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record Walter strømsholt 14 Mar 1931 abt 1928 Male Copenhagen
Frederik Viii
View Record jørgen otto strømsholt 19 Apr 1921 abt 1900 Male Copenhagen Scandinavian Hellig Olav

on my own site

RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project: WATKINS LAPHAM 2005: "12. Jørgen Otto Strømsholt (Jørgen (født Pedersen i 1911 købt) Strømsholt3, Karen Marie Hansdatter2, Hans Frederiksen1) was born 16 JUN 1899 in Store Heddinge Stevns Præstø - Saværket Vestergade Storehedinge Købsted (baptised Petersen), and died 30 DEC 1952 in 3.48am Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix Arizona USA (Jurgen Strumsholt in Ellis Island index). He was buried 2 JAN 1953 in Grenwood Cemetery Phonix Arizona.

He married Anna Nielsine Hansen 1922 in USA, daughter of Lars Peter Hansen and Ane Marie Nielsen. She was born 4 MAR 1900 in Frøslev Mark, Frøslev, Stevns, Præstø, Denmark, and died 15 JAN 1991 in Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ, USA.

Children of Jørgen Otto Strømsholt and Anna Nielsine Hansen are:

+34 i.Gladys Anna Stromsholt was born 28 OCT 1922 in New York USA.
35 ii.Walter Otto Stromsholt was born 17 OCT 1927 in Staten Island, New York USA, and died 28 OCT 1948 in 1000 am Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona USA. - Search Birth Records, Death Records, Marriage Records and US Census Records

General Search Tips
  • If you don't get any matches with an exact search, try broadening your search by including less information.
  • Want to refine your "best matches" search? Try the Advanced Search options and fill out as much information as you can.
  • Use the Soundex search. Names are often misspelled in historical records. Soundex allows you to search for last names that "sound like" the one you're looking for. Try this even if you think the spelling is obvious. Remember, even Smith can be "misspelled" (e.g., Smithe, Smyth, Smythe).
  • Use a wildcard to view all words that begin with the same stem. You can use an asterisk for up to six characters. For example, a search for "fran*" will return matches such as Fran, Franny, Frank, Frannie, and Frankie. Use a question mark for a single character. For example, a search for "Hans?n" will return matches such as Hansen and Hanson.
  • TO WHICH I will add:- use as few search terms as possible then add details to thin down the broad results -- expect variations in spelling of place names -- errors in transcription of initial letters for example L = C or H = B = R = K which can not be replaced by wild cards -- use Keyword(s) field often because it works as a free text search for transcribed data

Nov. 8, 2006. 09:05 PM

LONDON — Tom Cruise's great-great grandfather, Dylan Henry Mapother, emigrated to Louisville, Kentucky in 1850 from Flint, Wales. Halle Berry's grandmother, Nellie Dicken, was nine months old when she sailed from Liverpool, England in 1912 onboard the Merion to settle in Philadelphia. Mary MacLeod, mother of real estate mogul Donald Trump, travelled from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland to America onboard The Transylvania in 1935.

The website is part of a global network of genealogy sites providing over five billion records to the public.These are a few of the stories revealed in a list of passengers on voyages from the British Isles to the United States between 1820 and 1960 released Thursday by a British genealogy website. launched over a 100 million U.S. immigration records from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, tracing the ancestors of some of America's most famous names.
The lists reveal the journeys of Scottish men who became symbols of success in American business, including the founders of Buick, Campbell's soup and Forbes magazine. "Without question, the millions of names in the Ancestry passenger lists represent brave and colourful individuals who played a significant role in shaping what has become modern America," the website's managing director Simon Harper said.
The records show date, departure port, destination, age, nationality, occupation, accompanying family members and purpose of travel among other criteria. Liverpool became the most popular departure point for Irish and British immigrants in 1818, according to records from Ellis Island, the historic immigrant portal in New York harbour.

my thanks to:-
MSN Entertainment News
and via google - Ancestry website traces roots of Trump, Berry

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modern genealogy

see genealogy today on my other blog My own MacBook Pro

Where I show the pleasure of using ancestry images on a big screen and Family Tree Maker 16 running on a virtual PC on a MacBook Pro

Danish parish registers Kirkebogsindtastningsprogram

En anden væsentlig udvikling inden
for kildeindtastningen er udarbejdel-
sen af et indtastningsprogram for kir-

Rundt omkring på Internettet kan
man finde afskrifter af kirkebøger og
andre arkivalier. Formaterne på disse
indtastninger er meget forskellige, og
dette vanskeliggør søgningen i disse

Jens V. Olsen har påtaget sig den
ikke ubetydelige opgave at udvikle et
generelt kildeindtastningsprogram,
der ved hjælp af en styrefil danner en
skabelon, hvori indtastning kan finde
sted. Programmet, der foreløbigt er til-
rettet for kirkebøger, er døbt KIIP –
KildeIndex IndtastningsProgram.
Programmet er i betatest hos en
mindre kreds af indtastere. Før dette
program kunne udvikles, var der et
større arbejde med at få fastlagt hvilke
felter, der skulle være i indtastnings-
programmet. Dette arbejde har bl.a.
involveret en række personer i KIK-
[PDF] DIS-Danmarks Bestyrelses beretning 2005File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

KildeIndexIndtastningsProgrammet... KIIP_kbgdef.csv med tilhørende hjælpefil KIIP_kbghlp.csv samt en sogneliste Kbg_sogne.csv, hvorefter det fungerer som kirkebogsindtastningsprogram

DIS Forum :: KildeIndtastningsProjektet - KipForum :: Struktruen i ...Er nogen bekendt med datastrukturen i det nye kirkebogsindtastningsprogram KIIP_kbg ?

as important as
another volunteer project with the aim of providing free access to births, marriages and deaths information for England and Wales. 1 july 1837 to date

and the much newer
FreeREG - Search English Parish Register Transcripts and Indexes
The FreeREG Project's objective is to provide free Internet searches of baptism, marriage, and burial records, which have been transcribed from English Parish regusters

November Status of FreeReg

Accessibility continues to be phased in systematically around the world.
Those persons currently not able to access the search engine will receive an estimate of availability. Please note that this is a worst case estimate.

The data base was last loaded on October 26, 2006. Totals are now 1,113,101.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

final version of Eudora Email Program

QUALCOMM Launches Project in Collaboration with Mozilla Foundation to Develop Open Source Version of Eudora Email Program: "SAN DIEGO — October 11, 2006 — QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) and other advanced wireless technologies, and the Mozilla Foundation, a public-benefit organization dedicated to promoting choice and innovation on the Internet, today announced that future versions of Eudora® will be based upon the same technology platform as the open source Mozilla Thunderbird™ email program. Future versions of Eudora will be free and open source, while retaining Eudora’s uniquely rich feature set and productivity enhancements. QUALCOMM and Mozilla will each participate in, and continue to foster development communities based around the open source Mozilla project, with a view to enhancing the capabilities and ease of use of both Eudora and Thunderbird.

QUALCOMM also today announced that it has released the final commercial versions of the current Eudora products for Windows and Mac operating systems. The open source version of Eudora is targeted to release during the first half of calendar year 2007. Once the open source version of Eudora is released, QUALCOMM will cease to sell Eudora commercially. In the interim, QUALCOMM will continue commercial sales, at a reduced price of $19.95 and with a six-month per"

Macintosh Genealogy

MacGenealogy.Org - Macintosh Genealogy Discussion Forums / Family Tree Maker?

see Mac Genealogy Software

which url turned up in news:soc.genealogy.computing

It looks like a Blog format at the heart of it all on this Mac Genealogy Software site which is powered by WordPress and rina and linked to the Apple Store

Genealogy Conference and Cruise

my friend DAE of ShoeString Genealogy, told me in the AOL genealogy chat room today, that he is off on this trip. . .

Genealogy Conference and Cruise: "Join us for an educational and fun-filled voyage through the Mexican Riviera while we learn about genealogical research methods, tools, and technologies from some of the most popular speakers and authorities in those fields. Don't miss this opportunity to learn new research techniques from the experts between relaxing jaunts to warm and exotic ports of call. It will be a memorable trip!

The Speakers and Presentations:-

The Speakers and Presentations
The Itinerary
The Ship
Speaker Biographies
Discussion Forum

how to find a maiden name

from the Rootsweb message boards:-

from the thread

In Reply to: Re: Marriage Record question by: Hugh Watkins

Hi Hugh

The info I have is as follows:

Charles Henry B SKINNER - marriage in the Apr/May/Jun quarter of 1887 Volume 2a Page 3 District: Epsom

1881 census info:
Dwelling: Hallmead Farm Hallmead Lane
Census Place: Sutton, Surrey, England
Source: FHL Film 1341178 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 0759 Folio 49 Page 23
Marr Age Sex Birthplace
George SKINNER M 55 M Shadbroke, Suffolk, England
Rel: Head
Occ: Farmer
Maria SKINNER M 52 F Weston, Suffolk, England
Rel: Wife
Maria SKINNER U 21 F Weston, Suffolk, England
Rel: Daur
John SKINNER U 20 M Weston, Suffolk, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Milkman
Charles SKINNER 15 M Halesworth, Suffolk, England
Rel: Son
Occ: Farmers Son
Emma SKINNER 13 F Halesworth, Suffolk, England
Rel: Daur

Thanks heaps for helping me, it's much appreciated!

Kind regards

my answer
Re: Marriage Record question : Hugh Watkins -- 7 Nov 2006




you may find siblings or parents and uncles and aunties too
Marriages Dec 1886
Skinner Emma Bartram Epsom 2a 3 Scan available - click to view
Marriages Jun 1887
Skinner Charles Henry B Epsom 2a 3 Scan available - click to view

click on the number 3

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Dec 1886
CUTLER Arthur Henry Epsom 2a 3
Holbrow George Epsom 2a 3 Scan available - click to view
ROBERTS Maud Epsom 2a 3 Scan available - click to view
Skinner Emma Bartram Epsom 2a 3


Marriages Jun 1887
Skinner Charles Henry B Epsom 2a 3

which means the transcription of that page is not complete
and you have to search all the images for that quarter June 1887
either on fiche at a library or on line - or buy the certificate

UKBMD - Births, Marriages, Deaths Indexes & Census transcriptions ...
These web sites, with indexes based on the original registers, can be seen when you click on the Local BMD button in the menu to the left. ...
kingston upon Thames
Marriage Indexes for the Kingston area 1842 to 1902

These indexes contain information about marriages which took place at the Register Office and at churches throughout the Kingston upon Thames area. (They do not however, contain information about Church of England Marriages). Please remember that District and County boundaries have changed several times since 1842 and the indexes will reflect this.

but no Epsom

back to

looking at Skinner

keyword(s) Halesworth

Exact Search Results - 1881 England Census
You searched for Skinner Refine your search

The 1881 Census
is provided in
association with:
All Census Results
Viewing 1-5 of 5
View Record Name Parent or spouse names Birth Year Birthplace Relation Civil Parish County View Image
View Record Charles Skinner George,
Maria abt 1866 Halesworth, Suffolk, England Son Sutton Surrey
View Record Edith Skinner abt 1877 Ubbeston, Suffolk, England Visitor Wenhaston Suffolk
View Record Emma Skinner George,
Maria abt 1868 Halesworth, Suffolk, England Daughter Sutton Surrey
View Record Maria Skinner abt 1806 Halesworth, Suffolk, England Mother in Law Great Yarmouth Norfolk
View Record Mary Ann E. Skinner abt 1865 Cookley, Suffolk, England Visitor Wenhaston Suffolk

Charles H Skinner Abby abt 1865 Halesworth, Suffolk, England Head Aldrington Sussex

NB difference in system of rounding of ages 9 or 3 months before census date / year

Registration district: Steyning
Sub-registration district: Shoreham
ED, institution, or vessel: 33
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Abby Skinner 27 born Sutton Surrey
Alice M Skinner 2
Charles F G Skinner 10/12 months
Charles H Skinner 26
Renee A Skinner 3



97 hits for ABBY

Exact Search Results - 1881 England Census
You searched for Abby born in Sutton Refine your search

The 1881 Census
is provided in
association with:
All Census Results
Viewing 1-1 of 1
View Record Name Parent or spouse names Birth Year Birthplace Relation Civil Parish County View Image
View Record Abby Coney abt 1863 Sutton, Surrey, England Servant Carshalton Surrey

I love viewing images with Firefox (2.0 is not ready yet - freezes) on my big 23 inch apple macintosh screen at 150%
great for my old eyes

131 hits for abby

two with Keyword(s) Sutton

Exact Search Results - 1871 England Census
You searched for Abby Refine your search

The 1871 Census
is provided in
association with:
All Census Results
Viewing 1-2 of 2
View Record Name Parent or spouse names Birth Year Birthplace Relation Civil Parish County/Island View Image
View Record Abby Loney Frederick,
Swan abt 1864 Sutton, Surrey, England Daughter Sutton Surrey
View Record Abby Snatchfold Richard abt 1800 Chilham, Sussex, England Wife Woking Surrey
Registration district: Epsom
Sub-registration district: Carshalton
ED, institution, or vessel: 11
Neighbors: View others on page
Household schedule number: 136
Household Members:
Name Age
John Horn 25 LODGER fireman at gasworks
Abby Loney 7 SIC is CONEY
Alan Loney 3
Charles Loney 6
Frederick Loney 58
Frederick Loney 16
Hannah Loney 14
James Loney 13
Jane Loney 5
Joseph Loney 18
Shan Loney 2
Swan Loney 43
William Loney 15
Xaver Loney 9
what a wonderful family

dad is forman of the gasworks

and four of the children are lamplighters

I remember the lamp lighter in Solihull on his bicycle with a tapered ladder going round and winding up the clocks which turned the gas on to be lit form thepilot light
before that they would have had a pole as long as lamp was high with a hook to turn the gas on or off and a taper to light the gas at the mantle

this was advanced technology for the time

town gas was made by cooking coal in a retort (or an oven) until what was left was porous coke
coal tar was a biproduct leading to aniline dye

the sites of gas works today are seen as highly toxic full of heavy metals

back to
Name: Abby CONEY
Age: 7
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1864
Relation: Daughter
Father's name: Frederick
Mother's name: Swan
Gender: Female
Where born: Sutton, Surrey, England

Civil Parish: Sutton
Ecclesiastical parish: All Saints and St Nicholas
County/Island: Surrey
Country: England

I have done her alternative name but you better fix the rest of the family too - you might find some cousins
going back to

do bookmark this freebie page

going in to

Name Range Search Results - England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1837-1983
Refine your search
All Birth, Marriage, & Death Results
Viewing 1-1 of 1
First Name on Page Last Name on Page Year Quarter View Image
Edwin Earle Collins Peter Connolly 1887 Apr-May-Jun

and there she is Epsom volume 2a page 3

if this was my own tree I would regard that as GOLD PLATED

three items of evidence :-

1891 census unusual name + birth place <<>
1871 the same now a strong candidate
Civil registration of a marriage

getting the certificate would be the icing on the cake

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Sep 1896
Mardon Abby Jane Epsom 2a 13

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page
Marriages Mar 1870
CONEY Mary Epsom 2a 5 Scan available - click to view
Marriages Jun 1908
Coney Eliza Ann Epsom 2a 77
so she has not been transcribed yet
or is totally lost in typo land

her birth is though
Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page
Births Jun 1864
CONEY Abby Epsom 2a 4

well I am supposed to be writing a book - or two
but this made a welcome distraction and having seen working gas works and gas lights as a boy 1945 to 1953 circa
It brought back happy memories of the day the street lights were turned on again when the air raids ceased and VE day came with bonfires.

you see why "pay per view" is too expensive for serious use
and the UK census sites which insist on a surname before allowing a search
are not made by genealogists for genealogists

Monday, November 06, 2006 the first book in Danish known to me on this site

basically a history of the Guild of Barbers of Copenhagen Denmark
firts published in 1906 with chapters on Sweden Norway and the barber as a medical doctor

an index of people - Personregister is included - Det Kjøbenhavnske barberlavs historie : samt begivenhederne indenfor barber- og frisørsvendeforningens af 25. febuar 1861 og barber-: "
Det Kjøbenhavnske barberlavs historie : samt begivenhederne indenfor barber- og frisørsvendeforningens af 25. febuar 1861 og barber-

About this book

Source: Original data: Wulff, Frederik.. Det Kjøbenhavnske barberlavs historie : samt begivenhederne indenfor barber- og frisørforeningen af 25. febuar 1861 og barber- og frisørsvendeforeningens syge- og begravelseskasse.

Title page
Front matter Indholdsfortegnelse Barbervaesenet I Danmark Provinslavene I Danmark Og Deres Skaaer Barberlavet I Norge Sverrigs Barberlav Kjobenhavns Barberlav Lavsartiklerne Bartskaererne Eksaminationssporgsmaal Bartskaerernes Videre Uddannelse Bartskaerernes Mere Omfattende Tjeneste Pestmesterne Kirurgerne Barberlaeger Den Indre Historie Braendende Sporgsmaal Indenfor Lavet Andre Begivenheder Indenfor Lavet Slutning Oldermaend Lavsskraaer-Artikler Og Privilegier Barber- Og Frisørforeningen AF 25. Februar 1861 Andre Begivenheder Indenfor Foreningen Foreningens Formaend Barber-Og Frisørsvendeforeningens Syge- Og Begravelseskasse Henvisninger Og Noter Rettelser Og Tilfojelser Personregister Illustrationsfortegnelse Back matter. Kjøbenhavn: M. Truelsens Bogtrykkeri, 1906."


The spring of 1862, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia:
by Frank Crawford

"Many years ago, I had heard, or rather, read a little about Mosby's Partisan Rangers and I must confess that, not to far in the recent past, the heroic feats that this Gray Ghost of the Confederacy pulled off during the Civil War were, at best, of little interest to me. I had even read a little about McNeill's Rangers, but, likewise, McNeill's Rangers also seemed a little more than the Confederacy's answer to today's 'Hell's Angels' of the motorcycle gangs or perhaps the equivalent to today's 'good ol' boys' or 'red necks' out for some fun. It seemed that they really wanted nothing but fun and adventure and if, by chance, they could do some small amount of damage to their country's adversaries, all the better. I really could not understand how so many people could get so excited and even create for themselves heroes out of the likes of such.
After all, if they truly were supporters of 'The Cause' - the 'Confederate Ideals' - why didn't they join the Confederate Army or, at least, the cavalry and do their duty to God and their country like a man rather than on their 'Saturday Night Larks'?" . . . from and continued on Bits of Blue and Gray

USA Military Records - Learn All About Military Records from
"The men and women called to serve USA in military duty are a source of pride to their families and to our nation.

Now, with databases containing more than 16 million names and thousands of government records available to search, researching your veteran ancestors has become easier than ever before.

In the US Military Records Collection, you can find enlistment dates, learn about famous battles, locate gravesites of war veterans, and discover the unique details of military service that will help you chronicle the stories of the lives of those who served in the United States military.
Even if you don't have direct ancestors who were in the military service, you can discover information about your family. Often, fathers, siblings, or other family members may have served in the military and their records could contain information that will help in your research."

For example you may find place of enlistment, name and address of next of kin and employer and occupation . . . . effectively a dated census like snapshot of your relative's life.

please sign the petition

for a new domain on the net .cym

"It is essential we try to maintain our Welsh heritage for generations to come. With many people in the world not aware that Wales is a country, it is imperative we do as much as possible to make Wales stand out.
A .cym internet domain will greatly impact Welsh visibility and bring about more awareness of Wales, its heritage and its culture. To create this domain will take very little effort, but the impact will be universal.
Cymru am byth!"