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Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office closes this summer

The Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office will be closed from May till October 2007 while the transfer takes place. but it will not be closing to the public for 2 weeks in January 2007 as usual.

If all goes to plan the new history centre will be opened to the public in October 2007.

Wiltshire Genealogy on GENUKI

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office,

County Hall East,

Bythesea Road, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JG.

Telephone: (+44) 1225 713709. E-mail:
Stocktaking closure last two weeks each January.
The record office is moving to Chippenham in 2007, and there will be a very limited service from spring to autumn 2007.

Records are safe and dry

THE new centre's archives will be stored in one of five special rooms, each accessed via an air-lock and with temperature and humidity controls to protect precious archives, some nearly seven centuries old.

They have eight inch concrete walls, four-hour fireproof doors and a fire sprinkler system using inert gas instead of water.

A fridge for the storage of photographs will preserve colour pictures at three degrees centigrade. There are 55,000 local history photographs in one collection, and many more spread throughout the archive.

On the first floor, staff will have top level facilities and equipment to conserve and investigate finds, including a dark room, X-ray room, wet room, cameras and scanners and an archives conservation laboratory. The new history centre will bring together all these services in one building for the first time, employing a total of 40 people.

Future Looks Good For Ancient Archive (from This Is Wiltshire): "The Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre, a prestigious £11.6 million project to protect the area's precious historical archives, has reached a major milestone.

Standing next to Cocklebury Road in Chippenham, on the former cattle market site, the impressive white and glass building has been finished on time and on budget.

Building work on the state-of-the-art centre has been completed by contractors Cowlin Construction Ltd - and now the countdown begins to make sure the centre will be ready to open to the public in one year's time.

Jane Scott, leader of Wiltshire County Council, said: 'I am so pleased that this project, so important for the county, has been completed on time and within budget.

'This excellent building will not only preserve all the invaluable documents that tell the story and history of our wonderful county, but the many visitors to the centre will find information more easily accessible than in the past and in a more pleasant environment.'

The centre was funded by the county council and Swindon Borough Council and it will provide a safe home for some seven miles of shelving, containing the documents that chart the history of the county.
Advertisement continued...

The archive, currently held in sub standard conditions at the Record Office in Trowbridge, is "

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Irish War Memorials

the fountain in the Garden of Remembrance Parnell Square, Dublin 1"

Irish War Memorials home page

"Many of those named on memorials are included in published lists in books, sometimes with photographs. Where this is known to be the case, the book is named and information about it is provided. In general, the books mentioned are lists of casualties or published rolls of honour. Regimental and military histories are not included.

All of the information recorded is to be passed on to the Military History department of the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks, Dublin. Records of memorials in Northern Ireland will also be sent to the U.K. National Inventory of War Memorials at the Imperial War Museum in London.

The main purpose of the site is to make available to family historians the names of those recorded on war memorials. If you find someone of interest to you, please send an e-mail message, to encourage continuation of the project. Higher quality photographs, taking longer to download, can be provided, and it may be possible to answer queries about the memorials themselves."

Irish Pension database

this is surviving fragments of the 1841 and 1851 Irish census returns.

Transcribers are indexing the microfim and do searches off line on request for a fee - Family History Library Catalog
337 matching topics for Ireland

Ireland old age pension claims name index

Dubbo, New South Wales : Janice Beresford Brooks, c1996
Balgowah, New South Wales : W.F. Pascoe Pty. Ltd., 1996 [fiche]

Brooks, Janice Beresford (Main Author)

Includes a book, Ireland Old Age Pension claims : introduction to the claims and guide to the name index, parts 1 & 2. Contents of book repeated on Fiche 1.
Old Age Pension claims filed between 1908 and 1922 include abstracts from the 1841and 1851 censuses of Ireland as proof of age.
For the records referred to in this index, see: Old age pension claims, 1901-1922 / Ireland. Public Records Office of Northern Ireland.
Contents: Fiche 1. Guide to the name index, pts. 1 & 2. -- Part 1 (All counties of Ireland, but particularly Ulster counties), Fiche 2. Abernathy, J. - Creanor, C. -- Fiche 3. Creanor, E. - Gallagher, M. -- Fiche 4. Gallagher, M. - Kerr, Aa. -- Fiche 5. Kerr, Aa - McCrudden, B. -- Fiche 6. McCrudden, B. - McLoughlin, C. -- Fiche 7. McLoughlin, C. - O'Neill, J. -- Fiche 8. O'Neill, J. - Winters, J. -- Fiche 9. Winters, J. - Young, W. -- Part 2 (Mostly County Antrim claims, but many from Tyrone, Armagh, Londonderry and Fermanagh, a very few from other counties), Fiche 10. Abbott, A.J. - Devlin, R. -- Fiche 11. Devlin, R. - Kearns, E. -- Fiche 12. Kearns, E. -- McCulloch, J. -- Fiche 13. McCulloch, J. - Mitchell, E. -- Fiche 14. Mitchell, E. - Thorburn, A. -- Fiche 15. Thorn, M. - ZZZ, J.
No circulation to Family History Centers.

Ireland - Pensions - Indexes

Call Number - Location
941.5 N27bj 1996 - FHL BRITISH Book - Available


Old age pension claims, 1908-1922, from 1841/1851 census abstracts and miscellaneous sources

Northern Ireland. Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (Belfast) (Main Author)

Microfilm of original records in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland, Belfast.
PRONI record nos.: T550/1-37
Includes duplicate 1841 or 1851 census records for those who applied for government pensions in the early 1900's. They are arranged by counties, and then by baronies within counties. A few applications include letters and/or documents verifying the age of the applicant.

37 volumes in two versions

and a commercial effort:-

Pensear - Irish Pension Search Homepage:
"The Old Age Pension Act was introduced in Ireland in 1908. This meant that people over a certain age were guaranteed a pension from the state.
However, because the compulsory registration of births had only begun in 1864, claimants of the pension were unable to provide a birth certificate to prove their age.
The government therefore found it necessary to establish a person’s age by allowing a search to be made of the 1841 and 1851 census returns.

The claimant of the pension would give the name of the Townland and Parish where he/she was born or resided in at the time of the 1841/51 census, a search would be made of that townland’s census returns and the result recorded. In some cases the family would not be found and so only the result “No trace” was entered. However, on many occasions the search was successful.

In these cases the additional information could state only the age of applicant at the time of the census, but, in many records the names and ages of every person living there is supplied.

The Irish Pension Records are stored on microfilm, are very difficult to read and are not indexed. Our researchers have worked on these records, transcribing them to compile our database."

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take care

BBC NEWS | Technology | Trapping hackers in the honeypot: "One of the websites sending out fake security spam looked particularly interesting as it was listed on several 'block lists' net service firms use to spot junk mail.

A visit to this website prompted an immediate re-direct to another site which popped up a box asking if we wanted to download the bogus security program.

Sneakily this was an image rather than a Windows dialogue box so clicking anywhere on it, even the 'cancel' button, got the download going."

Use anti-spyware and anti-virus programs
On at least a weekly basis update anti-virus and spyware products
Install a firewall and make sure it is switched on
Make sure updates to your operating system are installed
Take time to educate yourself and family about the risks
Monitor your computer and stay alert to threats

Hi-tech crime: A glossary

names of danish counties from 2007

Please please use the nineteenth century ones for genealogy

[if you cannot find Ææ Øø Åå -- use -- Ae ae Oe oe Aa aa - in google too]

1660 to 1970

Counties (Amter) County (Amt)

København (Copenhagen)
Åbenrå (Aabenraa)
Ålborg (Aalborg)
Århus (Aarhus)

Administrative divisions:

metropolitan Denmark - 14 counties (amter, singular - amt) and 2 boroughs* (amtskommuner, singular - amtskommune); Arhus, Bornholm, Frederiksberg*, Frederiksborg, Fyn, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn (Copenhagen)*, Nordjylland, Ribe, Ringkobing, Roskilde, Sonderjylland, Storstrom, Vejle, Vestsjalland, Viborg [SIC no ø or æ or å]

note: as a result of an extensive 2005 local government reform, with 2006 being a transition year,
275 municipalities will be merged to 99 by 1 January 2007,

and the 14 counties will be reorganized into five regions

Region Hovedstaden
Region Midtjylland
Region Nordjylland
Region Sjælland
Region Syddanmark


very useful

and "here you have the possibility of searching in a database, containing 44241 Danish place names with info about their Parish, Community and County according to the county-division of 1970."

You are here:Message Boards > Localities > Scandinavian and Baltic States > Denmark

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The Rootsweb list about ancestors form villages of the New Forest in Hampshire in England

from my email:-

Hi Listers

I am researching the following names, and unless otherwise stated are from
New Forest,
Hampshire and South Wiltshire, England.

BABEY 1764-1932
BAILEY 1871 Romsey
BARRETT 1844 Aldbourne, Wiltshire
BARTLET 1826 Southampton
BARTER 1904 Winchester
BELL 1929+ Hampshire
BIDDLECOMBE 1832-1877 Bramshaw, Wiltshire
>1862-1901 Bramshaw, Hampshire
BIRCHENHOUGH 1851 Sandbach, Cheshire>1901 Cowes, Isle of Wight
BLAKE abt 1790 & 1939-1960
BOICE, BOYCE, BIOS, BOYES, BOYS 1714-Present Hampshire/Wiltshire & New
BONE 1869 Croydon, Surrey>1881 Downton, Wiltshire>1901-1954 Hamptworth,
BROMFIELD 1811-1881 Burley, Hampshire>1891-1907 Ringwood, Hampshire
>1929 Bournemouth, Dorset
BROOMFIELD 1839-Present New Forest & South Australia
BROMFIELD/BROOMFIELD 1811-1881 Burley, Hampshire>1891-1907 Ringwood,
>1929 Bournemouth, Dorset
BUDD 1690 Southwick, Hampshire>1708 Winchester>1709 Bramshaw
BURTON 1779 Brockenhurst, Hampshire> 1856 Little Brookham, Surrey >
1879 Grantaville, Tooele, UT, USA>1908 Irwin, Bonnville,
BUTT 1822-1881 Southampton
CHANDLER 1820 Hamptworth, Wiltshire>1863 Downton, Wiltshire>
1881 Redlynch, Wiltshire
CHURCHER 1780-1791 Fareham, Hampshire
CULL abt 1800 & 1865-1934
CUTLER 1846 Minstead>1870-1891 Freemantle, Southampton
DAVIS 1817 Southampton 1841 Minstead
DIDBEN, DIBDIN, DIDEN, etc 1786-1936
DOVEY abt 1791 Warminster, Wiltshire>1814 Bramshaw
DUFFY 1916
ESSERY 1842 Landport, Hampshire>1876-1901 Portsea/Portsmouth, Hampshire
EVERETT 1893-1932
FIELDER 1790 & 1829
FIFORD 1815-1922 Eling
FIGGINS 1784-1847 Droxford>1867-1891 Bishops Waltham, Hampshire
1888-1901 Southampton
FREEMANTLE 1806-1861 Easton>1881-1901 Bramshaw
FRY abt 1770
GAIN 1813-1881 Minstead>1891 Eling>1901 Cadnam
GANDY 1867 Southampton
GODDARD abt 1720
GREGORY I have a photo of a man, S G Gregory possibly taken 1930s
HARDING 1819 Winchester> 1848-1871 Southampton
HATCH 1620-present Hampshire/Wiltshire, Brighton, 1881-1901 Congresbury
1905 USA
1911 USA,
1851-present Australia,
1889 London
1851 [Adam] Shiplake, Oxfordshire>1861-1881 Denton, Yorkshire
HATCH [Gilbert ]b1859 Bramshaw> 1881-1901 Remenham, Berkshire
HENBEST 1730-1891
HOOD abt 1760 & 1871-1909 Hampworth, Wiltshire
HUCHINS 1907 Winsor, Hampshire
HUMBER 1870-1923 Portsmouth> Copythorne
HURST 1851-1901 Eling, Hampshire
HUTCHINGS abt 1911-1950 Hampshire
JEFFRIES 1850 Southampton
JONES 1801
JUDD 1787+
KING 1849-1936
KNOTT 1767
KNOWLTON 1802-1871 Minstead>1881-1901 Cadnam
LONGMAN 1851 Copythorn
LYME/LYNE/LINE 1824 Nursling, Hampshire >1851 Romsey Extra, Hampshire
>1861-1871 Southampton
MANSBRIDGE 1818 Minstead> 1851 Jersey, Channel Islands> 1881-1901 Cadnam-New
MATTHEWS 1868 Brighton, Sussex
MAY abt 1900
MELBOURNE 1815 Fordingbridge>1843-1924 Ringwood, Hampshire
METTYEAR 1820-1837 Eling
MILLS 1765-1914
1808 Plaitford, Wiltshire
1765-1881 Bramshaw
1788-1795 Longparsh, Hampshire
MAUREY abt1790
NEW abt 1716
NEWMAN 1820 Downton Wiltshire 1851 Redlynch> 1872-1934 Eling & 1886
ODDY 1753-Present, 1753 Yorkshire> 1832-1880 Durham 1826 London>
1827-1900 Sussex>1889-Present Surrey> 1910-Present [USA & Canada] 1900
Southampton &
New Forest, Hampshire>1911-Present Western Australia, Wiltshire & Dorset
ORRIS 1862 Hythe/Fawley> 1895 Bramshaw>1897-1901 Southampton
OSMAN 1802-1899
OTHEN 1871 Portsea>1894-1915 Southampton
PAGE 1792 & 1833 Brook, Hampshire> 1864-1871 Fritham> 1927 Hampworth
1950 Cadnam 1842 Favershan, Kent 1910 Nomansland, Wiltshire
1905 Minstead 1908 Whiteparish 1944 Liverpool
PECKHAM abt1766 & 1791
PHILLIPS 1815-1871 Minstead, Hampshire
PURKESS 1838-1937
RATTUE/RATTEW 1805-1880 Laverstock, Wiltshire>1869-1881 Salisbury
1873 Twyford, Hampshire>1875 Crowood, Wiltshire
1878 Rockford, Hampshire
1881-1899 Australia>1901 Shirley, Southampton
1942 Stockton, Wiltshire
READ abt1867
REED abt 1710
RICKETTS 1879 Chard, Somerset, 1962 Cadnam
SHEATH 1870 Freemantle, Southampton
SHERGOLD 1784-1894
SILLENCE 1789-1901 Bramshaw & Reigate, Surrey 1868>West Grimstead, Wiltshire
SILLY/SELLY 1765 [Silly and Selly are two variations of Sillence]
SIMMONS 1838 Froxfield, Wiltshire
SOFFE 1796-Present
SPENCER 1873-1900
SPRATT abt 1890
STEVENS 1825-1901 Ringwood, Hampshire
SWINDON 1804-1901 Marlborough, Wiltshire
THOMPSON 1823-1861 Bramshaw>1871-1881 Millbrook
TOWERS 1767 Leicester> 1883-1901 Portsmouth
VARNDELL 1867 Southampton
WHATLEY 1843 Rockburn, Hampshire>1873-1881 Hordle, Hampshire>1892 Lymington
1901 Lambeth, London
WHETREN 1839-1871 Newbridge Hampshire>1881 Eling
1786 Copythorne>1811 Eling
WHITCHER 1838 Eling
WINTER 1682 & 1760-1833
WORT 1835 Minstead>1867-1901 Emery Down

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone with similar interests.
Stephen Oddy
Western Australia

Tesco Diets

Tesco eDIETS:
"finally pinned down -- a 5-step plan to lose weight for life.

Spangle’s plan involves asking yourself a series of questions when you’re facing a difficult situation. She says you can use one of them or all of them, whatever works for you personally. In the heat of the moment, her questions can delay the usual knee-jerk reaction to reach for food.
5-step plan to lose weight for life

now in the right blog HUGH's BLOOG
originally a misplaced post here via the BLOG THIS button

Nordisk Slægtsdatabase "NSDB vil ønske dig og dine kære en rigtig god jul og et godt nytår. Må 2007 bringe en masse godt til dig.

For NSDB blev 2006 året med stor medlems-tilgang men også program- og database-mæssig udvikling.

P.t. er der ialt 211.704 søgbare personer i databasen, alene her i december er der kommer 8500 nye til.

Et kort gennemgang af de vigtigste nyheder der er kommet til i 2006

NSDB fik sit eget logo/våbenskjold og demo udgave blev sat op
Medlemsrabat på 10% til NSDB medlemmer, så bl.a. malet dit eget våbenskjold

Alle redigerings hjælpetekster er nu oversat til dansk
En søgbar hjælp er pt under opbygning
Et icon/link til 'print' som giver bedre og flottere udskrifter
En tidslinie i perioden år 0700-2000 med over 500 samfunds begivenheder.
Rapporter: Statistiske, Arbejds og Database tjek, som kan hjælpe dig i dit slægtsarbejde.
Nyt menu oversigt som gør det lettere at navigerer rundt.
Kontaktlink så du kan sende besked til NSDB unden brug af mailprogram. " "Nordisk Slægtsdatabase er Danmarks største slægts-database der samtidig også fungerer som et yderst kraftfuld online slægtsprogram. Pr. 1 september 2006 er der over 250 medlemmer, som hver især arbejder på at gøre NSDB endnu bedre.
Sagt med andre ord så er NSDB fremtidens slægtsprogram.
Pt. indeholder databasen godt 200.000 forskellige personer, primært danske (nordiske) borgerlige slægter.
Men også efterslægt til Gorm den Gamle og Karl den Store samt Nordisk adel. Hvor over 200 danske adelsslægter nu er indtastet / efterkontrolleret med mange billeder af våbenskjold."


is a far better with more than 460 million names on file

advanced search
Names: 473539240 Surnames: 4467738 Databases: 403083

580962 hits for born in Denmark
64573 hits for born in DANMARK

18072 hits for married in DANMARK
191362 for married in Denmark

DANMARK deaths 40515
Denmark deaths 150872

of course all serious genealogists know, like IGI, anything online other than images of original documents shouldb used as an index and cross checked

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Glædelig jule & Godt nytår - det levende net: "Udsigt udover Rådhuspladsen med Københavns Rådhus øverst i billedet. Politikens Web kamera er placeret på hjørnet af Politikens hus - lige over lysavisen.

Billedet opdateres hvert 20. sek.

Se mere om arrangementer på pladsen på Københavns Kommunes hjemmeside.

Derfor har Politiken et webcam.

English: View of the Copenhagen Town Hall Square - the Town Hall is seen in the upper part of the picture. The camera is placed on the roof of the Politiken domicile. The picture is updated every 20. sec."

Happy Christmas

and I am listening to Radio Classique:
"11h18 euro time
E. Elgar.
Pomp and Circumstance March n° 1 op. 39.
Orch. Philharmonia. Giuseppe Sinopoli, dir.
(DG 4316632).
which cheers me up even tho* I have a love / hate relationship with it

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Estonian Archives - Google Search
this estonian server appaears to be down on Christmas Eve

:: Rahvusarhiiv ::

This database, called Saaga, is accessible via webpage of the Historical Archives (

from my email - thank you Hedvig:-

If it is not in English click on ’in english’

At the top click on ‘contents’

First time user: click on ‘register and fill in with relevant information

Otherwise: your user name and password, enter

Now there is a choice between three categories,
the Estonian apostolic orthodox church
the Estonian evangelical Lutheran church and
‘wacka-books’ which is ‘revision lists’ ie census records from estates (Güter)

You probably need the second category

You need a basic knowledge of German. Later church books (after around 1890) can be in Russian.
An Estonian-English dictionary is also helpful.

testing the connection:-
site:ee - Google Image Search

site:ee genealogia - Google Search

European Society of Genealogy and Heraldry in Estonia
site in russian writing