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Lapham Institute

LAPHAM 1: Lapham Institute
blogging myself is not good but thanks to an email I was inspired

US War Casualty database Articles:
I’ve decided to work on adding the War II Honor List of Dead and Missing
Army and Army Air Forces Personnel to the US War Casualty database. This is a very large project, which I expect to take about a year to complete.
I will be adding individual states as they are done. So Far the following states are finished; Alabama, Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Maine,
Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampsire, Rhode Island, Vermont. These states comprise approximatly 70,000 casualties, and I expect the WWII honor list to add about 300,000 soldiers when complete. My goal is to eventually have a searchable list of all our brave soldiers who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom."
US War Casualty database

Danish national archives and catalogues

Rigsarkivet - Afleveringsfortegnelser over arkivalier: "Arkiverne efter 1848 er ikke registreret så grundigt som de ældre arkiver. Arkivalierne er for hovedpartens vedkommende registreret i rækken af afleveringsfortegnelser, som er en fortegnelse over hver enkelt aflevering, som er sket til Rigsarkivet. Fortegnelserne er typisk lavet af den afleverende myndighed og beskriver præcis, hvad der befinder sig i hver pakke. Du skal derfor være opmærksom på, at der for den samme arkivskaber kan være mange afleveringsfortegnelser - afhængigt af, hvor mange gange der er afleveret arkivalier fra den pågældende myndighed.

Afleveringsfortegnelserne er opstillet i en lang række i registraturværelset i vejledningsområdet på Rigsarkivets læsesal."

I need to learn this system much better.
The Danish National Archives after 1848 are not indexed as thoroughly as the older material but these are the accession descriptions of archives as described on delivery

I am still learning Daisy: "Dansk Arkivalieinformationssystem" the online catalogue.

I wrote a help page in english but was asked to take it down because I linked to the official logo.

I den elektroniske registratur Daisy kan du finde oplysninger om alle arkivskabere, der har afleveret arkivalier til Statens Arkiver samt søge på arkivserier. Cirka 68 procent af arkivserierne på Rigsarkivet og Landsarkivet for Sjælland er registreret (1. september 2005). Ved udgangen af 2008 vil alle arkivserier på Rigsarkivet være registreret ned til hver enkelt pakke og bind.

RE Band Aldershot

RE Staff Band Aldershot
a simple page which just brought contact with an old comrade, whom I have not heard of since about 1959.
Today he does this: - Seascape Paintings as gift ideas



do post your own alumni books and photographs

just click here to Rootsweb Freepages: and request a Web Space Account"

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Hospital Records in UKJ

The National Archives | Search the archives | Hospital Records Database | Welcome: "his database provides information on the existence and location of the records of UK hospitals. There are currently over 2,800 entries, which have been compiled by the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine. These can be found by searching the database."

Information includes:

The administrative details of the hospitals, and their status or type
The location and covering dates of administrative and clinical records
The existence of lists, catalogues or other finding aids
Links to some online hospital catalogues on Access to Archives (A2A)

More about the Hospital Records Databasemore

More about the Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicinemore

How do I search?

search the database

How to use this databasemore

You can access relevant help whenever you see this
Help symbol.

Hospital Records Database Description: "

The History of Medicine Library itself holds only a small amount of hospital records: there is some material in the Western Manuscripts collection, chiefly relating to private lunatic asylums, and some in the holdings of the former Contemporary Medical Archives Centre summarized in various Sources leaflets. Please refer to Archives and Manuscripts for more information."

Hospital Records Database - Google Search

Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine - Google Search

DISNEY Timeline

Genealogy Blog: William Briggs DISNEY: "was the son of George Disney and Anne Elizabeth ANDERSON, born 22 Jul 1853, in Iowa, according to his death certificate. George joined sister Amelia Jane and brother George Luther, and was followed by Martin Luther in 1847, and Alice A. who died in 1852 at age two. His father George died 8 Aug 1855 at age 39. His little brother Martin Luther also died in 1855, and his mother followed them in death in 1856, leaving little William an orphan at age three. They are all buried in Carlisle Cemetery, Allen Township, one-helf mile from the town of Carlisle, Warren County, Iowa."
worth reading and nicely put together

family matters blog

Family Matters » » The Significance of Beta Software: "There’s been a lot of discussion about Family Tree Maker’s beta release of its 2008 version - what they like and what they don’t like. Only a few people have mentioned the significance of this beta. This is your chance to influence the development of the application."

the problem is that this is so close to the release date we can not expect to see many changes.

I think a newbie will enjoy it but experienced users will prefer FTM 16 for data entry in family view

Family Matters home for more breathless prose

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Irish Genealogy

Irish Family History Foundation - family history research services in Ireland: "The Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF) and its cross-border network of local centres is the largest provider of professional family history research services in Ireland.

The IFHF operates on an all-island basis and believes that genealogy can only be properly dealt with on this basis."

Irish Family History Society - Google Search

Armagh Ancestry - Online Searching of Irish ancestral and genealogy records (Births, Deaths, Marriages) for Co. Armagh: "The index to the following genealogy records is freely available for registered researchers to search online.
To view an individual detail genealogy record you will need to purchase credit at a cost of £7.00 per record.
These online databases are an invaluable source in helping you trace your Irish Ancestors."

Birth Records for Co. Armagh 322500
Marriage Records for Co. Armagh 218644
Death Records for Co. Armagh 15865

Armagh Ancestry
40 English St., Armagh, BT61 7BA, Northern Ireland.
Tel: +44 28 3752 1802 Email:

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Archives Office of Tasmania : Tasmanian Archives Online database: "Tasmanian Archives Online is the Archives Office of Tasmania’s on-line link to information on its publicly available holdings. Searching the database provides descriptive and contextual information about Tasmanian state and local government records and private records from individuals and organisations held by this Office."

Name indexes

The Archives Office has developed some on-line indexes to records which contain information about individuals. These indexes generally provide the name of the person in the specified record, some additional identifying information, and references to the record itself. These are most likely to be of interest to researchers undertaking family history but also in cases such as the ‘wills index’ which covers modern records as well, for lawyers and others interested in a particular piece of information or specific document. Archives Search Portal: "The Colonial Tasmanian Family Links database is designed to provide an initial online genealogical research resource. It links individuals with other members of their families living in Tasmania in the 19th Century. The information about individuals is based primarily on records of births, deaths, and marriages and similar events, held in the Archives Office and the linkages have been developed by family historians associated with the former National Heritage Foundation in the late 1990s. The database contains approximately five hundred thousand entries."

Benjafield One-Name Study

Mary & Rick's Familes
9740  -  Individuals
1635 - Surnames
2858 - Family Groups
1620 - Earliest Birth Year
1989 - Latest Birth Year

Family tree of Uri Benjafield
Family tree of Mary Charlotte Ridler
Family tree of Richard Thomas Bird
Mary & Rick's ancestors & descendants BLOG
and a lot of BARTLEY from Dorset

Nominative Determinism

"Nominative Determinism" - Google Search
were name fits the occupation Nominative determinism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Happy Families - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "a traditional card game played in the UK, usually with a specially made set of picture cards, featuring illustrations of fictional families of four, most often based on occupation types."

Genealogy Jokes -

Kensal Green Cemetery London

The Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery

The General Cemetery of All Souls, Kensal Green, is one of Britain's oldest and most beautiful public burial grounds. One of the world's first garden cemeteries, and doyen of London's Magnificent Seven, Kensal Green received its first funeral in January 1833, and still conducts burials and cremations daily. The cemetery was innovative in having most of the site consecrated by the Church of England, but reserving the eastern spur for Dissenters and others to practise their own rites. Today, people of many faiths and denominations are buried throughout the cemetery. Uniquely among British cemeteries, Kensal Green has been managed by the same private joint-stock company since its inception: the General Cemetery Company (est. 1830) still has its offices by the Main Gate. The cemetery now covers some 72 acres (29 hectares) between the Grand Union Canal and Harrow Road in west London, and is open to visitors every day of the year.

Kensal Green Cemetery - The Official Website of Kensal Green Cemetery - London: "Inspired by the cemetery of Pere-Lachaises in Paris and founded in 1833 by the Barrister George Frederick Carden Kensal Green Cemetery comprises of 72 acres of beautiful grounds including two conservation areas and an adjoining a canal. The cemetery is home to 33 species of bird and other wildlife. This distinctive cemetery has a host of different of memorials ranging from large mausoleums housing the rich and famous to many distinctive smaller graves and even includes special areas dedicated to the very young. With three chapels catering for people of all faiths and social standing the General Cemetery Company is proud to have provided a haven in the heart London for over 170 years for its inhabitants remember their loved one in a tranquil and dignified environment."

London Agas Map 1560 -1570

The Map of Early Modern London: "This site maps the streets, sites, and significant boundaries of late sixteenth-century and early seventeenth-century London. You will see many of the theatres and landmarks of Shakespeare's time, and learn about the history and culture of the city in which he lived and worked.

There are several ways to navigate early modern London. The Index lists sites, streets, and wards in London, as well as people mentioned in the website. Click on the location marker (e.g., A1) to go to the relevant section of the map, or on the name to go to the explanatory page. If you wish to study the Map, go to an enlarged section of the map, select 'Show All,' and move your mouse to activate the tags that identify buildings and streets; some of these tags are also links to explanatory pages."

This site began as a pedagogical tool in 1999. It is in the process of becoming a scholarly tool with fully refereed articles. Contributions made by students are not refereed but have been approved by Janelle Jenstad.

Agas Map - Google Search - "Agas Map" -cookers -cooker -stove - Google Image Search

Cyndi's List

Cyndi's List - Personal Home Pages - "L": "The personal home pages found here are listed alphabetically by the TITLE shown on the web page, just as books are catalogued in a lib"

Cyndi's List - FAQ - How Personal Home Pages are Indexed:
"# My conclusion: With 'Cyndi's List', I am attempting to perform the function of a genealogy librarian or card catalog indexer. There isn't any ONE way to categorize and list a personal home page, except by the title of that page. Since the author of the home page chose that as the name for their work, I will always use that as the title for the link and categorize the links alphabetically.

# A further conclusion: There isn't any ONE successful way to search the web for surnames or keywords of interest because the web is constantly growing, changing and evolving. You just have to find a method that works for you, keep track of the sites that you have visited"

Bay County Florida USA

Bay County Florida Obituary Index: "Sponsored jointly by
the Bay County Genealogical Society and the Bay County Library

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Family Tree Maker 2008 Beta

Family Tree Maker 2008 Beta with Kimberley Powell on ABOUT.COM

Anglo-Celtic Connections: The rise and fall of the Rootsweb mailing list

Anglo-Celtic Connections: The rise and fall of the Rootsweb mailing list: "Genealogists love Rootsweb; just not quite as much as before. Using the new improved Rootsweb mailing list search capability the bar chart in red shows year by year the number of messages posted on all Rootsweb mailing lists. A steep rise to 2000 was followed by two years of slight increase. The peak in 2002 saw over 4.1 million messages posted. 2003 saw a drop which has continued as a gentle decline since."

more Anglo-Celtic Connections: Rootsweb seasonal trends

Kit Withers

Kit Withers' GENEALOGY Home Page:

"My favourite ancestor is probably 3 THOMAS WITHERS (1596-1668).
He was put in gaol by Cromwell in 1656 after being apprehended by a constable at Market Lavington (probably for holding a religious meeting there), dragged into an ale-house where he was kept until the next morning, & then committed by a JP to the county gaol - where he stayed for a long time with his property confiscated. So much for religious tolerance under the Protectorate!
Later he was fined for refusing to take his hat off in court . . . more on the page."

"We are of course all related - one gene pool. 600,000 years ago from a pool of
only 3000 individuals, our species homo sapiens diverged from the Neanderthals.
Sadly, they died out 28,000 years ago. 6 million years ago, our ancestral "
species diverged from the chimps. And so on."

Newspaper Notices Index

Newspaper Notices Index: "The 'Newspaper Notices Index' includes birth announcements, marriage announcements, death notices, and obituaries gathered from over twenty Burlington County area newspapers and publications.

The oldest citations in this index date back to 1810 and are from the Rural Visitor, a newspaper published in Burlington City, Burlington County, NJ, from July 1810 to July 1811. The majority of the citations are death notices and marriage announcements from the 1800’s; the birth announcements are from the 1970’s-early 1980’s. No newspaper in the Burlington County Library microfilm collection has been indexed from the first issue to the last."

Brussells and Paris vital records

Bases de données généalogiques sur Bruxelles et Paris

Over the last twenty years, I have analysed many birth, marriage and death acts for my personal use from the Archives in Brussels and Paris. These are the seven databases which I now propose to make available to the general public, free of charge, on this site.

En plus de vingt ans de recherches généalogiques, j’ai dépouillé à mon usage personnel de nombreux documents d’état-civil conservés aux Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles et aux Archives de la Ville de Paris. Ce sont ces sept bases de données que je mets gratuitement à la disposition du public par l’intermédiaire de ce site.

Sinds meer dan twintig jaar genealogische opzoekingen heb ik een reeks attesten van geboorten, huwelijken en overlijdens bestuteerd bij de Archieven van de Stad Brussel en de Stad Parijs.
Het zijn deze zeven databases dat ik nu gratis ter beschikking stel van het publiek, op deze web-site.

In mehr als zwanzig Jahren genealogischer Nachforschungen habe ich eine Reihe Geburts-, Heirats- und Sterbeurkunden in den Archiven der Stadt Brüssel und der Stadt Paris zur eigenen Verwendung analysiert. Die vorliegenden sieben Datenbasen stelle ich nun auf dieser Website der Öffentlichkeit kostenlos zur Verfügung.

Quelques liens…


  • Service de Centralisation des Etudes Généalogiques et Démographiques de Belgique (Société Royale, fondée en 1946) :

  • Office Généalogique et Héraldique de Belgique (Association Royale) :

  • Registres de décès du monastère des Alexiens de Gand :

  • Digitale Bronbewerkingen Nederland en Belgïe - répertorie les sources généalogiques disponibles pour la Belgique et les Pays-Bas, et donne chaque fois le lien à suivre ; très intéressant :

  • Cindy List pour la Belgique – la plus importante collection de liens généalogiques pour le monde entier ; mise à jour régulière ; cette partie ne concerne que la Belgique :

  • Alliance Généalogie - recense des pages en ligne moins connues comprenant des relevés qui ne sont pas ou peu référencées ailleurs, pas uniquement patronymiques, mais recouvrant différents domaines utiles aux généalogistes : Ce site offre également des bases de données centrées sur la France.

  • Base « Généalo » – nombreuses bases de données concernant le Hainaut belge, mais aussi les départements du Nord et du Pas de Calais :


Accès a mon propre arbre généalogique (sur geneatique) :

Landsbyhistorier Danmark

Landsbyhistorier - Dansk historie fortalt af danskerne: "Vi har i mange år beskæftiget os med slægtsforskning, familie historier samt hørt om de historier der huserer i de små byer vi har boet i gennem årene. Ofte er historierne utroligt interessante, mange gange er det den eneste kilde til at forstå mange ting i et lille samfund.

I al den tid har vi tænkt at det er fantastisk at man ikke samler disse historier et sted, så det har vi nu gjort noget ved."

see also the danish national collection of folklore in Copenhagen, Denmark

Dansk Folkemindesamling

Statens arkiv for dokumentation og udforskning af dagliglivets ikke materielle kultur i Danmark fra renæssancen til i dag.

folkemindesamling - Google Search

War Memorials in Scotland

War Memorials: "There are many War Memorials across Angus and neighbouring counties commemorating those who lost their lives in the Great War. They all vary in appearance and content, with nearly all being erected as a result of public subscription in the years following the war.

The links will take you to the war memorials of the county of Angus and any war memorials known to bear the names of men from the 5th (Angus & Dundee) Battalion (Territorial Force), Black Watch (Royal Highlanders), who gave their lives in the Great War." SMITH - use this Google SITE Search by putting a name of interest instead of SMITH

WorldCat] Search for books, music, videos, articles and more ...

Find what you want in a library near you with WorldCat, a global catalog of library collections.

WorldCat [OCLC - Home]: "WorldCat lets a wider audience discover items in your OPAC and find your online services when they follow links from results on popular Web search engines (like Google and Yahoo!), other partner sites or More than just a database of things libraries own, WorldCat is the foundation for an array of online services that help libraries manage those things and the processes behind them. By putting common workflows such as cataloging and resource sharing onto a collaborative network driven by WorldCat data, libraries make the most of their resources, staff and budget.

WorldCat is the world’s most comprehensive database of library materials. Updated at a rate of nearly one new record every 10 seconds, WorldCat contains more than 85 million bibliographic records and 1 billion holdings contributed by over 9,000 libraries around the world. is a platform that makes it easy for libraries, collectively and individually, to deliver their services to the network and build a unified, high-value consumer presence on the Web. integrates library content and services with Web search engines, Internet booksellers, online bibliographies and commercial publishers. It also provides a permanent Web page dedicated solely to searching the world’s libraries and a search box that anyone can download to a blog or Web site

See the latest WorldCat record

Sharing, Privacy and Trust in Our Networked World [OCLC - Membership Reports]: "The practice of using a social network to establish and enhance relationships based on some common ground—shared interests, related skills, or a common geographic location—is as old as human societies, but social networking has flourished due to the ease of connecting on the Web."

a new member
California State Archives
Location: Sacramento, California, USA

[] Search for books, music, videos, articles and more in libraries near you

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Genea-Musings: No PDs at the SD FHC Yet

Genea-Musings: No PDs at the SD FHC Yet: "

I can hear you asking - "what's a PD?" Well - it's a "Premium Database."

What's a "Premium Database" you ask? It is what the LDS is calling a database that the LDS has partnered with - like,,, and

These four sites, plus the National Archives and HeritageQuestOnline are in the Favorites menu at the San Diego FHC in a category called 'Premium Online Databases' or something similar. I try to check these things out every time I go down there, for the obvious reason.

I asked the folks who run the FHC, and they say they don't know when the Premium Databases will be available."

World Vital Records

World Vital Records is growing
1871 census for Canada caught my eye
CAN 1871 Canadian Census: "This census database contains more than 400,000 records of personal information such as name, age, country or province of birth, occupation, ethnic origin and religious denomination."

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Arlene H Eakle » Blog

Arlene H Eakle » Blog: "The Descriptive Inventory of the English Collection was published by the University of Utah in 1979. It’s now out of print. Many libraries purchased copies, and you can look for a copy in the genealogy library you frequent.
Section V: “Personal Records” is the most significant in my opinion:

1. Monumental Inscriptions, by county with name of collection/compiler
2. Personal Papers, by surname of compiler/owner
3. Collections “for the history of…”, by compiler/owner
4. Pedigrees, by surname or locality
5. Family Histories in manuscript, by surname of family

In late June 2007, I personally re-checked the online Family History Library Catalog, with all of its new descriptions against our work. Some additional entries are present. The microfilming of most of these “Personal Records” however, was done between 1950 and 1975, and I found few additions have been microfilmed."

Arlene H Eakle:

"# Mytum, Harold. Recording and Analysing Graveyards. 2000. Reprinted 2002. Available Council for British Archaeology. Bowes Morrell House, 111 Walmgate, York YOI 9WA England UK. More than 170 pages of research suggestions, drawings and photographs.

# Parker, John. Reading Latin Epitaphs: A Handbook for Beginners. 2d. ed. 2000. Available Cressar Publications, Ludgvan, Penzance, Cornwall TR20 8XG England UK. a guide for reading the memorials that hang on the walls of churches and cathedrals in the British Isles."

Arlene Eakle - Google Search
she has a Master's degree and a PhD in English History with a minor in Colonial American History.


GENEALOGE on Technorati: "Everything in the known universe about GENEALOGE"
Technorati: Home: "Zillions of photos, videos, blogas and more (some of them have to be good)"


The Generations Network Grants Ancestry Library Edition to Brigham Young University Library: "PROVO, Utah, July 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The Generations Network, parent company of, the world's largest online resource for family history, today announced it is providing Brigham Young University, BYU Idaho, BYU Hawaii and LDS Business College with free access to Ancestry Library Edition.

'In an effort to recognize the tremendous influence the BYU Library and its unmatched faculty has had in transforming the genealogy landscape through technology-based education, we are pleased to offer the students and faculty free on-campus access to,' said Tim Sullivan, CEO of The Generations Network. 'BYU is a unique academic institution that is continuing to make significant advancements in genealogical studies, and we are grateful for the many graduates who are now employed at our company. As next-door neighbors, we will continue to tap the knowledge and experience of professors and students, all at the cutting edge of this booming category, to improve our offerings.'

'The only university in the United States to offer an undergraduate degree in the field of family history,"

National Archives Documents on "These digital images of records preserved in the National Archives represent a growing collection of millions of historic documents now becoming available online for the first time."
Press - National Archives and Footnote Launch Project to Digitize Historic Documents: "his non-exclusive agreement, beginning with the sizeable collection of materials currently on microfilm,will enable researchers and the general public to access millions of newly-digitized images of the National Archives historic records on a subscription basis from the Footnote web site. By February 6, the digitized materials will also be available at no charge in National Archives research rooms in Washington D.C. and regional facilities across the country. After an interval of five years, all images digitized through this agreement will be available at no charge through the National Archives web site.

'This is an exciting step forward for the National Archives,' said Professor Weinstein. 'It will immediately allow much greater access to approximately 4.5 million pages of important documents that are currently available only in their original format or on microfilm. The digitization of documents will also enhance our efforts to preserve our original records.'"

TGN in France and Italy

The Generations Network Expands Ancestry Sites to France and Italy With Launch of and "At launch, and will offer access to Ancestry's unrivaled global collection of more than 5 billion names and 24,000 databases and titles.

The new sites will also provide a networking platform for users to collaborate and connect with other site users globally, build an online family tree and upload irreplaceable content from personal archives such as photographs, stories and shoebox keepsakes."

help with latin

BELGIUM-ROOTS Project: Belgian Sources - Latin Vocabulary: "Baptism records

Almost all baptismal records give the date of baptism and the date of birth. Surely, there is no problem picking out the word baptism. But be mindful of the words 'natus' or 'nata' (born). 'natus, natum' indicates a male child and 'nata, natam' signifies a female child."

Latin Word Lists

dictionary english latin - Google Search

glossary english latin - Google Search
genealogy glossary english latin - Google Search

a similar google search procedure will deal with most foriegn languages

NB !!!
if you google the original phrase or word and it is only on one web site it is almost always a typo